Eight spooky destinations to creep it real this Halloween

Eight spooky destinations to creep it real this Halloween

Whether you want to visit your favorite haunts or just scare your friends, these spooky destinations are sure to give everyone a fright.

So, grab a Getaround car and get going. Who knows what lies at the end of the road this Halloween….


  1. ****Winchester Mystery House

Built to confuse the evil spirits that supposedly haunted the grounds, this famously spooky house, with its architectural mysteries, is sure to give you the creeps. Keep your eyes wide open, and you might just see the late Mrs. Winchester conducting her nightly séance. .

  1. ****** Queen Anne Hotel**

Said to be haunted by Miss Mary Lake, the old headmistress of the converted  all girls school, this beautiful Victorian mansion  is the perfect spot for a little nighttime ghost hunting. If you decide to stay the night, be sure to request Room 410 for an extra scare. 


  1. ****The Forest Haven Asylum

Just an hour outside of downtown D.C.  lies Forest Haven Asylum. Sitting on 200 acres, this abandoned asylum remains largely untouched since shutting its doors nearly 25 years ago. Even a glimpse in the daytime is sure to be enough to keep you awake all Halloween night.

  1. ****The Exorcist Steps

For those of us still haunted by Linda Blair’s screams in The Exorcist, you can relive one of the film’s most disturbing scenes with a quick trip to Georgetown. At the corner of Prospect St NW and 26th St NW, you’ll find the “Exorcist Stairs,” said to be haunted long before the movie was even filmed.


  1. ****** Shanghai Tunnels**

These creepy passages lie beneath old town and are said to have been used to kidnap local residents to serve as unwilling sailors. Local folklore suggests that the victims still haunt these dark and sinister tunnels.

  1. ****Cathedral Park

After the violent murder of 15 year-old Thelma Taylor in 1949 under the park’s bridge, locals began reporting hearing the young girl screams and desperate calls for help. This beautiful park is still worth a visit, even if if you aren’t brave enough to visit Thelma Taylor’s final resting place.


  1. ****Death Alley

On December 30th, 1903, the Iroquois Theater, now Oriental Theater, burst into flames, with 2,000 guests still inside. Behind the theater, you’ll find Death Alley, still haunted to this day by the hundreds of souls who lost their lives that night.

  1. ****Jane Addam’s Hull House

If you’re keen to see ghosts this Halloween, this former settlement house for the urban poor, founded by suffragist Jane Addams, has reported so many ghost sightings it’s on the official Chicago Ghost Tour. We recommend that only the fearless go looking for the “woman in white” who haunts the front bedroom on second floor.