Driving Together: A #GoGetter Story

Jun 30, 2015 2 min read

It all began with parking tickets, a lot of parking tickets. “My car situation was insane!” Casey Kerr explained, describing his car situation before joining Getaround. “I got parking ticket after parking ticket with no garage spot.”

After first experiencing Getaround as a renter, Casey decided in the spring of 2014 that it was finally time to start sharing his car. Casey traded in his “boat-of-a-car Malibu” for a Prius C, and Carbondioxride became available to the Getaround community, parked conveniently in the Union Square Garage in downtown San Francisco.

Popular among local renters, Carbondioxride has even had its 15 minutes of fame. One of his favorite stories about sharing his car on Getaround, is having “my car and my interaction with journalist Steve Kovach featured in Business Insider!” You can read the full story here.

Casey embodies the spirit of the Getaround community. “Someone was walking across town to go get my car,” Casey remembered, “but I had my car.” Wanting to save his renter the trouble of walking the whole way, “I went and picked her up,” Casey said.  In a perfect coincidence of events, Casey continued, “she ended up dropping me off where I was going because we were going the same direction!”

Casey began sharing his second car Trotaround, a convertible Ford Mustang, last fall.

Casey uses the earnings from sharing his cars to “cover my two car payments, two covered parking garage spots, insurance, and drinks at 21st Amendment Brewery when I – always except for once – come out ahead.”

With over 150 rentals under his belt, Casey is a pro at sharing his car. “Never a scratch on either car,” Casey said, “and my feedback is great.” Casey’s advice for other Getaround owners?

  1. Call all renters and text them before their rental. Follow a template for your text, but personalize it and include details about when the car was last washed, for example, how much gas it has, and/or Getaround’s helpdesk line.

  2. Be responsive to little problems and questions that renters may have. It makes all the difference!

  3. Provide iPhone and Android chargers, a handsfree mount, and mints and bottled water when possible.

And, if you’re like Casey, “offer my exclusive VIP car delivery service,” that is, he clarified “if the renter takes me where I’m going.” “It’s weird,” he smiled, “everyone always seems to be going to same direction I am!”