Carsharing … or car “scaring?”

Spooky season is here at last — and all of our favorite ghosts, ghouls and monsters are preparing for their time to shine.

Carsharing … or car “scaring?”

Booking recommendations for our favorite monsters this Halloween

Spooky season is here at last — and all of our favorite ghosts, ghouls and monsters are preparing for their time to shine. But in order to properly get their scare on, they’ll need to leave home and get to where the real action is: Halloween parties, trick-or-treaters and haunted houses … and of course that will require a little bit of travel.

Luckily, Getaround has them (and you) covered this Halloween, with cars available near you that can fit many budgets and drivers. In the spirit (pun intended) of making it a successful holiday for “scare-ers” and “scare-ees” alike, we’re recommending the most useful cars for some of the night’s busiest creatures to turn carsharing into car ”scaring:”

Werewolf - Toyota Prius

werewolf in front of the moon

The most famous (only?) human-wolf hybrid we know deserves the most well-known hybrid vehicle listed on Getaround. That’s why, for the werewolf, we recommend booking a Toyota Prius. Plus, with all that time spent worrying about the full moon, there’s no reason for the werewolf to worry much about a full gas tank, since the Prius can make fuel at least last as long as they remain in wolf form.

Ghost - Kia Soul

ghost driving a car

What better way to transport a lost soul between realms than with a Kia Soul? The unique shape of this versatile hatchback will allow a spirit to take on any form it needs to, getting ghosts to and from haunted houses in their neighborhood or all the way across town. The only thing more on-brand for a ghost than the Soul would be leaving your texts on “read.”

Skeleton - Toyota Corolla

skeleton driving a car

When we think “skeleton,” we’re thinking about a car that’s pretty “bare bones,” no-frills and can just get the job done without much fuss. That’s why we recommend that those old bones check out some of the older-model Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas available in just about every city where we operate. They’re dependable, reliable, and the true backbone of our carsharing marketplace.

Witch - Chevy Equinox

a witch

For many modern pagans, including Wicca, the Spring Equinox (Ostara) and Autumnal Equinox (Mabon) represent very significant dates on their solar calendar, The Wheel of the Year. Because each equinox holds such an important place for witches, what better vehicle to book for Halloween than a Chevrolet Equinox? Local witches can all ditch the brooms this year because booking an SUV crossover means enough seating space for the entire coven.

Frankenstein's monster - Dodge Caravan

Frankenstein's monster

One of the most misunderstood stars of Halloween is Frankenstein’s monster. He was brought into this world by a creator who instantly turned on him, leaving him alone in the world. “He had abandoned me,” the monster remarked. “And in the bitterness of my heart I cursed him.” But, in the end, all that this monster with such “gigantic stature” needs is headroom, legroom, and plenty of seating for a potential found family: A Toyota Sienna or Dodge Grand Caravan would fit the bill nicely.

Vampire - Toyota Tacoma

a vampire

Perhaps a bougie vampire, like Count Dracula, would prefer to be driven rather than drive a vehicle himself. But, for regular, everyday vampires needing to get around town (and avoid sunlight at all costs) we recommend a Toyota Tacoma, preferably with a dark paint job and tinted windows. The pickup truck’s six-foot bed length allows most vampires to transport themselves, and their coffins, with ease.

Mummy - Chevy Impala

a mummy

Most mummies wandering the streets on Halloween night originally came from Egypt, and the northern Sahara region. Two vehicle models currently available in Getaround’s marketplace may remind them of home: A Chevrolet Impala, named after the majestic animal they remembered seeing roam across their lands in Eastern Africa. Or perhaps a Mitsubishi Mirage will bring back memories of faint visions in the desert, mirages of their former lives as mighty pharaohs.

Zombie - smart fortwo


What does a zombie want more than anything? Braaaaains. That’s why we’re recommending the brainiest car in our marketplace: the smart fortwo. Zombies have always been social distancing experts, so the limited passenger space wouldn’t be a problem for them as they look for the quickest and easiest way to get from point A to point B. The “B,” of course, standing for “brains.”

Phantom of the Opera - Hyundai Sonata

Phantom of the Opera

We don’t know much about the half-mask-wearing lurker hiding beneath the stage at the local opera house … except that he has an extremely distinguished taste in music. What better car, then, for this music aficionado than a Hyundai Sonata? When it comes to “music of the night,”, the Phantom has not encountered a sonata that doesn’t move him, and the midsize car available in most Getaround markets should get him where he needs to go.

Alien - Honda Accord

An alien

When beings from other planets decide to visit Earth, they do it on nights like Halloween, when they can throw on a quick costume to blend right in with the humans around them. We learned that from a certain extra-terrestrial who visited in the 80’s. Since we know that fitting in is a top priority for alien carsharing, we recommend interplanetary visitors book a Honda Accord from Getaround. It’s been the best-selling midsize car in the U.S. for decades, and there will be plenty on the road to blend right in with.

It’s not just monsters who can book cars on Halloween - you can, too! Take a look at what’s available in your area and always remember to have a safe and fun holiday … you never know who (or what) you’ll be sharing the road with!