Car features Getaround guests love

Emphasize the extras in your listing description to help your shared car attract the guests who need it most.

Car features Getaround guests love

When you share your car on Getaround, you may not realize how useful your car’s features may be for potential guests. From fold-down rear seats to the latest smartphone integrations, these features are important to guests with specific needs. It's critical to emphasize all the extras in your car's listing description so people can search for and find the pet carriers, child seats, and ski racks they're seeking. We’ve also highlighted some easy-to-include extras that can make all the difference to guests weighing their options.


Cargo space (fold-down seating, truck bed, storage containers)

For guests, one of the advantages of carsharing on Getaround is the ability to use cars suited for their particular needs. Moving trucks are expensive and unwieldy to drive, but shared trucks, SUVs, and vans with fold-down seating are great options for guests in need of convenient hauling help for a day. If your vehicle fits the bill, be sure to include photos and measurements of the cargo space in the listing.

Host Roxanne B. says, “We share our truck on Getaround and it works great for us and anyone who needs a truck to move items, take a trip, etc.”

Extras you can include: Rugs and blankets for moving protection, bungee cords, carrying straps

Roof rack/bike rack/ski rack

Many Getaround guests (especially in Colorado and Washington) use Getaround vehicles for day trips to parks and recreational areas outside the city. Show off the maximum payload of your cargo racks with a photo of all your fun toys strapped in and ready to hit the road. You may just inspire an afternoon trail ride in the mountains.

Extras you can include: Bungee cords, tire pump, bike tools, cargo rack keys


Since drivers are required to refuel their Getaround vehicles after trips, smart cars and hybrids are bound to attract budget- and environmentally conscious guests. It's a great idea to include fuel efficiency stats like your city and highway MPG in your listing. You might see more guests extending their trips or booking for longer than they would have otherwise.

Guest Henry A. says, “I booked a smart car in Hoboken, New Jersey for a week-long road trip to New England, then extended my trip a few more days because it was so economical and fun.”

Automatic open trunks

Quick trips to run errands and buy groceries make up about 50% of Getaround rides. Calling out your vehicle’s easy-open automatic trunk might seal the deal for a guest preparing to stock up on the week’s groceries for their family.

Extras you can include: Reusable shopping bags, carrying crates

Smartphone integration

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Seamless multimedia entertainment integrations ensure drivers’ hands remain safely at 10 and 2, eliminating the need to fumble around with aux cords and phones to get the tunes going.

Extras you can include: Phone charging cords, phone mount

WiFi hotspot

Connectivity is crucial to today’s tech-savvy guests. An available wifi hotspot allows passengers to browse the web and prevents guests from using cellular data to navigate with map apps.


Blind spot warning/backup camera/rear parking sensors

These tech innovations are key for spatial awareness in a new, unfamiliar vehicles and help guests stay confident behind the wheel avoiding potential bumps and scrapes along the way.

All-wheel drive

Particularly during the winter months, all-wheel drive cars are in high demand. Even on short trips, drivers love the safety offered by AWD when inclement weather hits.

Extras you can include: First Aid kit, jumper cables, cleaning supplies (glass and carpet cleaner, paper towels, hand wipes), child safety seats, emergency survival kit