Bring Getaround to NY!

Bring Getaround to NY!

Carsharing services like Getaround are currently able to operate in every state except New York.

Peer-to-peer carsharing isn’t explicitly illegal in New York, but the insurance framework needs a small tweak to allow carsharing organizations to ensure folks sharing and renting vehicles on Getaround are fully insured.

Leaders in the New York State Legislature, led by Senator James Seward (Chairman of Senate Insurance Committee), have introduced the bipartisan “Personal Motor Vehicle Sharing Act” with support from environmental, business, and economic empowerment groups.

This legislation will create the structure needed for companies like Getaround to provide insurance coverage and consumer protection for people who want to share and rent cars in New York.

Help bring Getaround to NY by signing our petition and showing your support.

Good for the environment, community & New York.

bcal5w329W2PFqq_EBDuHOHYI4ORY3dxZE-EAOdIOSsThe economic, environmental, and parking benefits of carsharing are well documented across a multitude of academic and government studies.

If 10,000 New Yorkers share their cars, we can take up to 100,000 cars off the road, freeing up 100,000 parking spots, offsetting up to 1 billion pounds of C02, and injecting millions of dollars into the local economy.