Benefits of living car-free

There are hundreds of instances where you might need to use a car: Groceries are heavy, pets need to visit the vet, a weekend trip outside the city, etc. All are valid reasons to drive a vehicle, but do they justify buying one?

Benefits of living car-free

There are dozens of instances where you might need to use a car: Groceries are heavy, pets need to visit the vet, a weekend trip outside the city, etc. All are valid reasons to drive a vehicle, but do they justify buying one?

Perhaps it's time to consider the value of carsharing compared to car owning. Here are a few motives f0r embracing the carefree car-free lifestyle available when carsharing with Getaround.

1) Save on gas, insurance, maintenance, taxes, fees, and more

Sure, owning a car might seem pretty straightforward. You buy the car, you drive the car, right? Not so fast my friend.

Owning a car has never been more expensive. Carsharing enables personal mobility without the heavy financial burdens that come with traditional car ownership. When you become a verified guest on Getaround, you have access to a wide variety of vehicles without having to worry about long-term maintenance and upkeep. Pretty straightfoward, if you ask us.

2) Kiss the garage goodbye

Oh, the mythical garage spot. A 75-square foot rectangle of pavement that’s somehow a gazillion dollars per month and insanely difficult to procure in many cities. If you buy a car and you're shelling out for a parking space, our sincere financial condolences go out to you. Ditching the car and going all-in on carsharing means forever shedding the burden of having to maintain a spot near your home. Your neighborhood shared car is already parked and waiting for you on Getaround.

3) It's eco-friendly

Getaround makes it easy for car owners to offer their vehicles to verified drivers nearby—this is where the “sharing” in carsharing comes into play. More drivers using fewer vehicles more efficiently means fewer cars on the road, a reduction of emissions expelled into the air, and fewer materials consumed in the pollutive auto manufacturing process. We’ve only got one planet Earth, people, and we share because we care about passing it on to the next generation.

4) Carsharing is good for parking

Fewer cars in your community means more open parking spaces in front of your favorite restaurant or dog park. When we utilize cars more effectively, it reduces the number of cars that sit idly taking up space in parking spots. And with more people carsharing, you waste less time endlessly circling the block looking for an open spot.

5) Choose a car for the occasion

One problem with owning a car is you only have that one car. Unless you're buddies with Xzibit and his crew of custom auto body professionals, you'll be hard-pressed to convert your van into a convertible for cruising the coast, or your sedan into a truck for moving that couch. That’s why having instant access to a wide array of cars on demand is the best way to go. With Getaround, you can go anywhere, anytime, in the perfect ride for the occasion.

6) Live a minimalist lifestyle

In the age of Marie Kondo, a car is just one more thing not bringing happiness into your cluttered life. But sometimes people need a vehicle to get to their zen spaces, that's why Getaround provides drivers with an opportunity to rent vehicles flexibly by the hour and pay only for the time they actually need, helping minimize your cost of mobility.

7) Get into sharing culture

Back in kindergarten, we all learned that sharing is caring. Then, time passed and some miserable souls manage to unlearn that. But sharing is making a comeback.

More and more people are warming up to sharing lifestyles every day and recognizing the game-changing benefits. With all the transportation options and variety available via apps on your phone, you can now live your best shared life by homesharing, bikesharing, power tool sharing, and more. So why not carshare too?

8) Live flexibly

Sometimes you just need to run a quick errand. That shouldn’t require having to look after a car for an entire day.

Unlike traditional car rental marketplaces, carsharing on Getaround allows you to book flexibly by the hour, week, or day. On Getaround, pay only for the amount of time you intend to use the car. Getaround offers all the vehicles you need, ready to go in 15 minutes, so you can hit the road with maximum convenience and quickness.

Kick your coche to the curb and enter the wonderful world of carsharing in your community. Get out there and enjoy the drive!