Back to school with Getaround

Carsharing with Getaround is a smart way to earn extra credit during the school year.

Back to school with Getaround

Carsharing with Getaround is a smart way to earn extra credit during the school year. If you need a car, van, or truck, or own a car, college campuses everywhere are fantastic hubs for carsharing activity. Busy students benefit greatly from having more transportation options around schools, and vehicle owners near universities and student populations have a great customer base for their shared vehicles. So here's your opportunity to study up on the many benefits of carsharing on campus.

For move-in day

Sure, packing your parents car so tight you can’t see out a single window is an option. But getting a van or a pickup for the day is a much better (and safer) solution. If you have that one pesky floor lamp that just won't fit, Getaround has a variety of larger vehicles available for an hour or two so you don’t have to leave anything behind.

For pizza money

Whether you have a car or not, Getaround can help you make extra money whenever it works with your schedule. For car owners, Getaround can earn you hundreds (dare we say, thousands?!) of dollars per semester just by sharing your ride when you’re not using it. And if you don’t have your own car, you can still drive with Uber on Getaround to make extra money after class by shuttling around your fellow car-less co-eds.

For getting off campus

When opportunity knocks off campus, Getaround can help you answer the call. If you don’t have a car, that doesn’t mean you're trapping on campus. Getaround is your solution to getting to where ever your job interview, internship opportunity, or professional network event may be. The wide variety of vehicles available on Getaround means you can always grab a ride whenever you need to go.

For game day

We have cars for the face-painters, the bare-chest-bearers, the behind-the-backboard dancers, and you know, the regular fans who just want to support their schools. No longer will you have to stay away from away games just because you have no way of getting there. There’s a car that will take you to your rival’s stadium (how you behave once you’re there is entirely on you), so let the tailgating begin.

For weekends trips with friends

Much like away games, there are places you’d like to go on weekends that aren’t within walking distance. And your roommates, classmates, bigs, littles, and brothers would also like to go with. That’s why we have large capacity options that the whole crew could pile into and split the cost.

For weekend trips for mom

And yes, there are even weekends where you want to go home and see your folks. For those trips, we’ve got fuel-efficient vehicles that help save you  some money on gas, especially if you’re traveling by yourself. That is, until you go home and ask the very people you’re visiting for some more cash to pay for that gas.

So, whether you have a car on campus, need a car off campus, or just live near a campus and want to make some extra money, there’s definitely a Getaround option for you. The Getaround community wishes you the best this school year, so remember to study hard, have a great semester, and Getaround safely!