We’ve got some great news for renters and owners—carsharing with Getaround just got even easier with automated fuel billing and reimbursements rolling out as a new feature for all users.

We understand renters don’t always have time to top off the gas tank before the end their trips, and we know monitoring fuel levels between reservations can be a headache for owners. This new feature makes managing fuel easier for everyone in our carsharing community.

Starting next week, the final fuel level indicated by the post-trip gas meter photo will automatically trigger billing and reimbursements for refueling. If fuel isn't refilled to same level as the start of the trip, renters will be charged for the missing fuel (as estimated on the trip confirmation screen and documented in the itemized trip receipt) and owners will be reimbursed for the replacement cost of fuel.

Here’s how the automated billing will look in the Getaround app:

Final fuel levels in the post-trip checkout.
Fuel recording help text.

Renters are still expected to refuel at the end of each trip, but if they’re crunched for time, this feature enables them to pay a little extra and get the car back on time.

We hope you'll enjoy these updates to the user experience and, as always, thanks for helping make Getaround the best carsharing community around!