Austinites embrace Getaround peer-to-peer car sharing

Mar 6, 2012 2 min read

There’s something about Austin that brings out the spirit of adventure and innovation in all of us, especially around SXSW.

It’s with great excitement that today we’re officially launching our peer-to-peer car sharing service in Austin, Texas!

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### What this means for Austin

Our intent is to unite the Austin community in reducing traffic, emissions and the costs of car ownership while giving you access to a better transportation options.

We also want to make this simple, convenient and fun for everyone. If you own a car, you can join now and start sharing it immediately with fellow Austinites (remember—you choose who rents your car, for how much and when). If you need a car, you can also join now and have one ready in a matter of minutes.

And of course—every rental comes with our A++ rated primary insurance policy, so you never have to worry about coverage.

Why Austin?

One word—community.

Like the amazing Portlanders we met last month, Austinites share a lot in common. You’re open-minded and laid back. You’re passionate about technology, but that doesn’t stop you from exploring the beautful, wide open spaces nearby.

You think differently, and we love you for that.

Join the party, literally

The magic of SXSW is upon us and we want to meet you!

Catch our co-founder Jessica Scorpio speaking this Friday at this panel on disrupting regulated industries, immediately followed by our very first Getaround Austin member meetup.

Then join us and our friends for the ultimate collaborative consumption fiesta. The party is open if you’re a Getaround member, but space is*** quickly running out***—so sign-up now, it’s totally free!

Check out some of the cars available in Austin

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Flickr Creative Commons top photo by StandUPP