Ask a host: Yasmine in Los Angeles

A small fleet owner in Los Angeles shares her tips, tricks, and stories from her Getaround journey so far.

Ask a host: Yasmine in Los Angeles

In our recurring blog series “Ask a Host,” Getaround community members share their knowledge and experiences sharing cars on the platform. Whether you’re new to hosting or you manage an entire fleet of shared vehicles, we think these tips and tricks will give you an edge in your business.

This month, we spoke with Yasmine, who has quickly grown her side hustle into a small fleet of cars in her Los Angeles neighborhood:

Hi Yasmine! How long have you been hosting on Getaround?

I’ve been hosting on Getaround for one year.

How did you first get into hosting on Getaround?

During the pandemic, I helped out my friend with administrative work for his host account on Getaround. I learned a lot during the process and decided to start my own journey with Getaround from there.

What is your primary job or do you have other side-businesses?

I am an actress and musician. When I'm not managing my fleet of four cars, I’m pursuing my creative passions.

What's the best piece of advice you have for other hosts on the platform?

I keep my fleet in one part of town, which works best for me currently since I don't have an assistant. Having my cars’ home locations relatively close saves me time each week when I go out to inspect and wash them.

What has been your biggest learning in your host experience so far?

Learning how to leverage my credit in order to grow my business. I know a lot more now about interacting with dealerships, understanding car deals, and managing my personal and business credit.

Do you have a favorite hosting story?

My favorite hosting story is when I had a couple visiting from Sweden. They wanted to use my car for the entire month! I gave them recommendations on things to do in California and they were really appreciative. They had a great trip and loved their experience with Getaround.

Do you have any hosting hacks?

Many car washes will work with you on a monthly discount or prepay option if you will be washing multiple cars. Also, always remember to keep all of your receipts and file them into an Excel or Google Sheet to help with deductions during tax season.

Why do you share your cars on Getaround?

Sharing with Getaround helps to cover my living expenses and allows me the time and flexibility to pursue my dreams.

What is a hosting challenge that you have overcome?

As a woman, I have learned how to be more assertive and clear when communicating with mechanics or car dealerships.

What items, if any, do you always store in your cars?

I always make sure to have a USB charging cord in each car.

What do you use the money for that you earn with Getaround?

The money I earn from carsharing helps cover rent for my apartment and pays for car insurance each month.

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