Ask a Host: Catonya in College Park, Georgia

Ask a Host: Catonya in College Park, Georgia

In our recurring blog series “Ask a Host,” Getaround community members share their knowledge and experiences sharing cars on the platform. Whether you’re new to hosting or you manage an entire fleet of shared vehicles, we think these tips and tricks will give you an edge in your business.

This month, we spoke with Catonya in College Park, Georgia:

Hi Catonya! How long have you been hosting on Getaround?

I’ve been hosting cars on the platform for four months now. It’s going really well. I get a lot of guests because I'm in a great area. My house is five minutes from the Atlanta airport. So when people fly into Atlanta they can easily book one of my cars.

Tell us about your cars.

I have five cars. I have two 2023 Hyundai Sonata Limiteds, two 2022 Nissan Kicks, and one 2021 Kia Rio. People always tell me I have the nicest cars. All of my vehicles are loaded. They are sparkling clean and they smell good.

How did you first hear about Getaround?

The mentor I had that was helping me get my rental car business going told me about Getaround. I started out on another platform to test out to see how it worked, but when I spotted Getaround I was sold. I liked Getaround over the others because there is a happiness team who can assist when there’s a problem. I believe I got my cars on Getaround at a good time.

How did you first get into hosting on Getaround?

I was looking for passive income. I work full-time as a security guard Friday to Sunday. Now, hosting cars keeps me busy on other days.

Do you have any "hosting hacks" you'd like to share?

Keep a small portable vacuum cleaner on hand. They reach places even the car wash vacuums cannot reach. They can reach crumbs anywhere. Also, use microfiber towels for cleaning the interior — they work the best.

Why do you share your cars on Getaround?

It is a great way to give back to my community. You know how you’re always in search of your given talents, or asking, how can I give back? When I found carsharing, I loved it because I have a car someone else can use. It helps others because when someone books one of my cars, they can be self-reliant. They do not need to worry about being in the car with a stranger. I really feel like I’m a pillar of the community now and it feels good. I made promises throughout my life to be dedicated to help others, and I’m doing that.

What do you use the money for that you earn with Getaround?

Each of my cars, on average, make about $1300 per month. I’m saving money that I am not always able to save out of my paycheck. I’m saving for retirement. I have retirement in my view and I’m very excited about it.

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