Introducing our new blog series “Ask a Host,” where experienced Getaround community members share their best tips, stories, and hosting hacks. Whether you share one car on the platform or maintain an entire fleet, we think these bits of info will add value to your business.

This month, we spoke with Alana, an experienced host based in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago:

Hi Alana! How long have you been hosting on Getaround?

I initially hosted my car on the platform in 2016 and 2017, then returned in April 2021 with a different car and have been hosting since.

What's the best piece of advice you have for other Getaround hosts?

I like to text each new guest that books my car a personalized message with a few details, such as how to access the key lockbox, where to locate the pet seat cover, and parking suggestions for the end of their trip. It serves as a kind reminder that this is someone's personal asset, and not a rental car.

What has been your biggest learning experience as a host so far?

Checking my host dashboard after every completed trip to review the pre- and post-trip inspections, damage reports, and fuel level to see if I need to take action on anything.

Do you have a favorite hosting story?

Yes! One guest texted me to request an extension. He was at the vet with his cat, and it was taking a lot longer than he expected. There weren’t many pet-friendly cars available near him, so he was grateful to be able to use mine.

I know first-hand how tough it is to transport pets in the city without easy access to a car. In a situation like his, I was more than happy to accommodate. For me, helping pet owners get their pets to the vet is the most fulfilling part of hosting.

Do you have any other hosting hacks?

Ozium spray is the best way to maintain a good-smelling car. Also, if you search around, you’ll find some car washes have free industrial vacuums to use!

What is a hosting challenge that you have overcome?

Guests that are new to using Getaround sometimes require some extra instruction via text.

What items, if any, do you always store in your car?

I always make sure to have hand sanitizer and a plug-in USB outlet for charging.

What do you use the money for that you earn with Getaround?

I like to get my nails done twice a month, and the extra income from Getaround helps cover that!

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