A season of thanks

Guests across the country are telling us what makes them thankful to be a part of our car-sharing family

A season of thanks

Guests across the country are telling us what makes them thankful to be a part of our car-sharing family

What are you thankful for this year?

Here at Getaround, we’re thankful for our entire car-sharing community. Every day, we’re inspired and moved to hear stories about how access to affordable, reliable cars has helped people, from Massachusetts to California, and everywhere in between.

We’re also grateful that, as a global digital car-sharing community, we’re able to hear directly from the guests who have benefitted from our platform the most. And so, in the spirit of the season, we wanted to share some words of thanks from our guests, directly to our hard-working team of hosts whose commitment to providing safe, clean and reliable vehicles is what makes Getaround a leader in the carsharing space.

Thanks to Getaround ...

"... I’m able to get out of town to do what I love. I live in Manhattan, so I need to drive out of town to pursue my hobby of horseback riding and going to horse shows. One time when I dragged my boyfriend with me to a horse show, he complained about the horse show … but I did get the validation from him that I am a good driver, so I think it was worth it — even if he might not!"

- Caroline, New York, NY

“... I booked a car for 3 days and drove to Joshua Tree! It was the first time I saw my friends post-COVID. They flew out from the east coast to see me here in California. It was a very much-needed girls trip. We were blasting oldies (but goodies) on the car’s sound system all the way home ... the early 2000s bops like Brittany Spears and Spice Girls. It was amazing."

- Audrey, Los Angeles, CA

“... I booked a car to take my daughter to a drive-in movie in Mendon. It was the first time for the both of us. We had blankets, and ate so much junk food that our bellies were bloated."

- Marcella, Dorchester, MA

"... we got to take my mother-in-law, from Sweden, up to Mt. Diablo to see all the wildflowers and especially the California poppies. It was a beautiful trip. The weather was perfect: blue skies, warm but not too hot. It had actually rained quite a bit that year so the hills were a deep vibrant green. The flowers were magnificent! Fields of yellow, red and purple. And, of course, huge rivers of bright brilliant orange California Poppies. It was one of the most beautiful days of our lives. She loved it. For a woman who has been to many places in the world she said it was one of the most beautiful."

- Daniel, San Francisco, CA

"... my partner and I drove from New York City to Vermont and it was an absolute adventure! The drive to Vermont in the Fall was amazing! The colors, scenery, weather — it was just absolutely pleasant! We essentially had the freedom of driving a car without the liability and responsibilities of owning an actual car. We hiked a few trails, went picnicking, and enjoyed a couple brunch dates! The car was equipped with EZPay so we avoided the hassle of finding alternate, slower routes. Overall our experience was an unforgettable one and Getaround played a huge role in that!"

- Brave, Miami, FL

Thanks to the tireless work of our team, our hosts (and our corporate team), we’re able to help guests everywhere get to where they need to go.

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