What has your car done for you lately? If the answer is “took up space in my driveway,” or “gave me a conniption while searching for street parking,” your life and car routine could be so much easier with Getaround. Here's a few reasons why carsharing with Getaround is an appealing option for many car owners.

1) Activate some passive income
Instead of sitting around idly like a lazy teen on summer break, your car could be making some money. Real money. Hundreds of dollars a month, and thousands of dollars a year. When you list your car with Getaround, our dedicated onboarding team will help you get set up to rent to verified drivers and begin earning passive income in a matter of days.

2) Earn $$$ for a spot of your own
What could you do with all that extra money? If you're tired of circling the block looking for street parking, you'll have a pretty good idea. You could invest in a nice little 9’x18’ plot your car could call its very own. You'll sleep better at night knowing that your days of parking tickets and street cleaning fines are in your rear-view mirror.

3) Make your car pay for car payments
Imagine if your car started acting like a responsible adult and picked up the bill every once in a while. Think about all the financial freedom when your carsharing earnings go towards car expenses like maintenance, insurance, gas, registration, title, and fees. You'll feel like a savvy investor generating ROI on what most people consider a sunk cost.

4) Upgrade your ride
Now that your car is earning on Getaround, your profits could go towards something special like upgrading to a newer, nicer car that might've previously been out of your budget. With your new carsharing profits, you could spring for the limited package or the fancier interior. What's even better is that Getaround drivers rent newer, nicer cars more often. That means even more interest, bookings, and profit for your vehicle.

5) Enable your community
When carsharing is available, everyone benefits from better accessibility to cars, trucks, and vans. Your neighbors can more easily run errands, carpool, and travel freely when a Getaround car is nearby. Depending on where you live there might be business travelers, ski or surf bums, vacationers, or service members on deployment in your vicinity; all people who can make use of convenient short-term transportation options. Be a steward of your community and a good host by helping visitors Getaround the lovely place you call home.

6) Save the planet
Carsharing promotes better vehicle utilization, meaning that more people have access to eco-friendly electric vehicles, cars take fewer parking spots for smaller amounts of time, and precious materials are saved from the pollutive auto manufacturing process.  All of this equates to less carbon emissions, better air quality, and a healthier planet for all of us.

7) Turn your assets into income
It’s nice to have assets like cash, real estate, or even an old baseball card collection, but turning those precious assets into a regular income stream is where the money’s at. By sharing your vehicle on Getaround, one of your biggest assets can start showing some return on investment and become one of your most reliable income sources.

8) Save on your insurance bill
Since every car on Getaround has a Connect® device installed, you might qualify for significant security rebates from your insurance provider. The Connect® device enables anti-theft protections like GPS tracking and remote engine kill-switch capability, which insurance companies love to see. With Getaround you'll have peace of mind and a piece of your monthly insurance bill back.

It's easy to earn effortlessly when you carshare with Getaround. Check out our website to list, share, and earn today. It's go time!